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standard reports


There are currently 120 standard reports included with Communiqué.  Within one year from the official release date of Communiqué, we plan to add between 40 to 80 new standard reports (with feedback from our user community of course).  Software Assurance customers will get these free as they are made available through our regular release cycle.  Those customers without Software Assurance will need to purchase the upgrade in order to get the additional standard reports.

The standard reports are organize into 12 categories to better help you find relevant reports.  For example:  Customer related reports can be found in the Customers section, Inventory related reports will be found in the Inventory section, etc.  The Custom Reports section is used exclusively for custom reports, and can contain user defined reports which may normally be found in other sections.  To view sample reports from Communiqué click here...


The standard reports are organized in the following sections:




The Customer section contain customer specific reports.


The Data section are about the quality and status of your data.  You will find reports like Duplicate Customers, Customers Missing Last Name, SKU's Missing Location, Orphaned Orders - Missing Customers, etc.  Running these reports will help you identify problems with your data so you can fix it as necessary.  Bad or faulty data will skew your reports and can give you the wrong impression about your business.


The Geos section are about sales and other data related to geographic areas like country, state, province, etc.  The standard reports with Communiqué contain reports about sales and orders by Country for international sales, US States, and Canadian Provinces. etc.  Breaking your data out by other  Geo Data like area codes, census blocks, DMA's. MSA's, county, city, etc., are possible, but require additional data not included with Order Manager and some data processing to link in the Geo Data.  If you are interested in linking your data to additional Geo Data, please contact us for more info.


The Financial section contain reports related to financial reporting like aged receivables, sales tax reporting, payment transactions, etc.


The Inventory section contain reports related to your store's inventory.  These reports are designed to inform you about the state and status of your inventory.  You will find standard reports like Back Orders, Slow Movers, Zero Movers, Category specific reports, etc.


The Sales section contain reports related to your store's sales and order history.  These reports are designed to inform you about the state and status of your orders and sales.  You will find standard reports like Approvals Pending, Cancelled Orders, Order Summary, Sales Summary, etc.  Additionally you will find the Sales by and Source of Sales reports.

Purchase Orders

The Purchase Orders section contain reports related to purchase order reporting.

Returns & Exchanges

The Returns & Exchanges section contain reports related to customers returns and exchanges.

Sales Person

The Sales Person section contain reports related to sales person sales, commissions, sales history, etc.


The Shipping section contain reports related to shipping, packages, tracking, Drop Shipped Orders, Pending Shipments, Ship and Handling Time - SHT summary, Pick List reports, etc.


The suppliers section are about data related to suppliers and SKU's.  The standard reports with Communiqué contain reports about Supplier info, Supplier sales, SKU sales, etc.


The miscellaneous reports contain an assortment of reports that can not be categorized elsewhere. 

Custom Reports

The Custom section contains custom reports created for you by Altaireon.  These reports can be of any type or style.

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