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sample reports


There are 10 samples reports and graphs you can view, download, and print.  These samples are designed to give you some idea about the general quality and types of reports and graphs available with Communiqué.  If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.


You will need Adobe Acrobat in order to view the sample reports.
Low Margin Sales

The custom report lists orders which fall below a pre-determined percentage.  You will be able to identify low profit margin orders.

Orders at a Glance

This chart will based report will display gross sales for a specified period.

High Dollar Buyers

This customer report will list all buyers for a specified period whose total purchases meet or exceed a specified dollar amount.

Duplicate Customers

This data report will display potential duplicates in your customer database.

Slow Movers - Slowest by Date

This inventory report will list slow selling SKU's in inventory.  These series of reports will only list SKU's with a QOH greater than 0 and at least 1 previous sale.  The days since column indicates how many days since the last sale of the item.

Zero Sales by Category

This inventory report lists in-stock SKU's with absolutely no sales.  These series of reports list SKU's with a QOH greater than 0 and no record sales.

Supplier Sales by Month

This supplier report lists each supplier and calculates the gross sales for each month in a given year.

Sales Taxes by Jurisdiction

This financials report will display your sales tax liability for each defined jurisdiction for a specified period.

US Sales by State - Quarterly Sales Summary

This goes report displays gross sales by state and quarter for a specified year.

Repeat Buyers

This Customer report displays repeat buyers for a specified period.

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