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CommCon 2015 highlights & comments

CommCon 2015 has come to an end and was a great success by all accounts!  Don't take our word for it, read the many comments from our attendees below.  Many thanks to our sponsors we could not have done it without you.  To all the attendees, thanks for coming to the conference it was great having you here.  For those who did not attend, get ready for CommCon 2016, April 1 thru 3 at the Walt Disney World Swan Dolphin Resort see you there!
Comments about the Conference
The info provided at CommCon 2015 has been incredibly valuable and I was excited to see all of the new features of Communiqué Pro... M. LoPresti, SprinklerWarehouse.com
We discovered solutions we didn't know existed and had lunch with owners who have fascinating stories... - L Allred, MyBarnwoodFrames.com
Great Show!  Find a Sponsor for Happy Hour :-) - R. Clipp, PrimitiveHomeDecors.com
Very informative - there were a couple of moments I wish I could have attended multiple panels at the same time... - Anonymous
Conference was very well worth it.  I learned a lot from the sessions, the Q&A, and networking with other merchants.  Thank you for the valuable tools and lessons... - C. Santine,  MediaSupply.com
Excellent!  Learned a lot.  Essential knowledge... - Anonymous
Great conference - Thanks to Tom, Steve, Rox, and Barney!  Gave us a lot of good ideas and sparked some solutions for us!  Awesome locations too!... - Peter, ShorePowerInc.com
Great conference, good vendors, good speakers, good attendees, all relevant and useful... - Anonymous
Great first conference.  Learned a lot.  It's great to be part of this community of merchants... - S. Carroll, FashionableCanes.com
This conference was so educational, informative and inspiring as a business owner.  I truly enjoyed all aspects of the meetings.  Worth every minute of my time... - T. Mears, dggtactical.com
Great Job!  I am glad I went to this conference as I learned more about the software and what it can do.  I will definitely keep in touch (especially with Roxanne).  I know it will speed up our operation & improve our reports... Nina, OutdoorSpeakerDepot.com
Totally Super.  Learned a lot from speakers and other merchants.  Breaks and meals well timed... - Anonymous
I enjoyed the conference.  It was nice to get an overview of the systems and automation.  My favorite part was the merchant presentations... Kelly
We have found a lot of new services from the sponsors we did not know existed.  This has been one of the best conferences we have ever attended.  We say that because we found services and automation that will seriously improve our effectiveness and make us more competitive with less manpower.  It is invaluable to meet all of the other Communiqué users and share best practices with each other.  I have met more business owners at this conference that are willing to help than any other expo I have attended.  Please make this an annual conference.  Viva CommCon 2016!!!  Thank you, S. Okleberry, SprinklerWarehouse.com
Great conference.  Thank you for the opportunity to meet all the interesting vendors and this opportunity discuss issues with fellow merchants... N. Guedalia, FrontRowElectronics.com
Thank you for inviting me, I really appreciate it.  I am seriously looking forward to the next one.  I am very pleased with this event... Paul
Conference provided good training on the product, excellent network opportunities, and good vendors to meet.  Let's do it again... - Anonymous
Love this, thank you!  The learning has been wonderful!  Next time ask if anyone has any company that they think should be invited... - Anonymous
Thanks for putting this on.  We will be purchasing Communiqué for ASC & look forward to seeing it in action!... - F. Boyce, Pillows.com
Overall a really educational and enjoyable experience.  I learned plenty of new techniques and was introduced to many 3rd party applications to make StoneEdge much more efficient and profitable.  Excited for next year!  lets do Miami!... - Anonymous
Great network opportunities!  Made some quality connections.  Overall great experience & the food was great!  Thanks!... - Anonymous
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