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communiqué pro trial version

You can download a trial version of Communiqué Pro and try it before you buy it.  The trial version of Communiqué Pro is fully functional and most of the features and functionality are enabled.  You can enjoy the functionality and user experience of Communiqué Pro; however, There will be the following minor limitations while using the trial version:

  • You can only display and print 1 page.

  • A water mark "Sample Report" will print on each page.

  • Data Analyzers are disabled

  • Some but not all utilities are disabled

  • CRM's results are limited to 100 records only

  • Orders results are limited to 100 records only

  • Lists and UDFs are disabled

  • Exporting data is disabled

We do not offer tech support directly for the trial version, but would be glad to answer any pre-sales questions.

NOTE:  This trial version is designed to work with an existing installation of Stone Edge enterprise.  Meaning, a pre-existing Stone Edge enterprise database is required in order to use the trial version of Communiqué Pro.  You may contact us for more info regarding the trial version or to schedule a demo. 

Good luck, and we hope you enjoy your trial of Communiqué Pro for Stone Edge. 


Download the premiere enterprise reporting tool for stone edge from the link below. 

Download Communiqué Pro for Stone Edge

32 bit Pro Edition R15 Build 760, January 4, 2017

installation & quick start

After down loading Communiqué Pro for Stone Edge, go to the Installation & Quick Start page for more information on how to install and get started with Communiqué Pro.  You can take the On-Line visual Tour as well to learn more about Communiqué's features and capabilities.


release notes


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