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Inventory monitor pro for stoneedge


The Inventory Monitor Pro (IMPro) is an extensive update for the original Inventory Monitor Enterprise edition. The Pro edition has many new features which make monitoring your inventory stocking levels seamless and easy. The Pro edition like its predecessor can operate independently or provide data for use with Communiqué.

The IMPro is an program dedicated to monitoring your out of stocks (OOS), reorder points, and days out of stock (DOOS) 24/7/365.  The IMPro takes a proactive approach to product replenishment by continually monitoring your inventory.  When needed, alert emails with an attached Product Replenishment report is sent to all recipients with its recommendations for each SKU meeting the notification requirements.

Useful Links:

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  2. Installation and Quick Start
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  4. Release Notes

New features include:
1. Daily summary report of all alerts for the day.
2. Product Order replaced by the Product Replenishment report.
3. More report options for more precise calculations
4. SKUs are now Group by Supplier
5. Lead Days are calculated based on actual P.O. history
6. Recommended QOH and Reorder Point is now available.
7. Alert data is stored and accessible through Communiqué Pro.
8. SKU filter tab to monitor specific SKUs

Enhanced Features:
1. Track inventory stocking levels
2. Track Days out of Stock (DOOS)

3. Email sent when QOH goes to 0 or Reorder Points are triggered.

The IMPro is designed for Monsoon StoneEdge Enterprise merchants utilizing the MS SQL Server for data storage.  The IMPro bypasses the StoneEdge data access middleware and communicates directly with MS SQL Server for higher performance, faster data access, and stability.      

Replenishment Management: This function of the utility monitors your quantity on hand (QOH) and reorder points.  An email with an attached report is sent when your reorder points are reached and/or your quantity on hand (QOH) goes to 0.  The check interval is user selectable so you can set the frequency as often as you like.

Days out of Stock (DOOS):  The Inventory Monitor will also track days out of stock (DOOS) for any SKU whose quantity on hand is 0 and continue to track it until new stock is received.  Knowing the number of days an SKU is out of stock during a selected period can be important especially if you are selling on a market like Amazon where you cannot sell an item if its out of stock.  Using DOOS with your replenishment reports will improve your sales projections, reorders, and anticipated stocking levels for each SKU.

The Inventory Monitor works with Communiqué V3/Pro to provide DOOS data which can be used for many of the inventory reports like the SKU Analyzer and the Inventory Management by SKU to name a few. The new Reorder Point Calculator utility in Communiqué V3/Pro can be used to set more accurate reorder points by calculating precise leads times using historical purchase order information already in Stone Edge.

The Inventory Monitor along with Communiqué V3/Pro will make your inventory management and stock replenishment much easier and more accurate saving you lots of time and money.

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