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inventory monitor Pro release notes

Version 3 build 350, January 14, 2016

Highlights for this release

The Inventory Monitor Pro has been updated for 2016 with some fixes and updates.  Please check our webinars for more info on how to use the Inventory Monitor Pro.

Version 3 build 300, May 15, 2015

Highlights for this release

The Inventory Monitor Pro capabilities have been extended to include Inventory Tracking.  Please check our most recent webinars regarding this new feature.


With the new tracking feature, you can finally have accurate Inventory as of quantities, as of dates, and valuations for any given day.

Communique features a new companion report the “Inventory Tracking Analyzer” located in the Reconciliation & Utilities -> Inventory Monitor section which provides tremendous insight into your daily inventory fluctuations and transactions affecting your QOH.

Inventory data and associated transactions are recorded nightly for each SKU so you can maintain historical data about each SKU for each day.  This new capability can help you resolve many of the challenges you face with your inventory.

Version 2 build 202, March 07, 2014

Added a "Server Authentication" option for merchants who do not have their SQL Server set to Windows authentication.

For those user's requiring Server Authentication to log in to their SQL Server, be sure to toggle on the "Server Authentication" option, enter the "User ID" and "Password" in addition to selecting the "Server" and "Database" to connect.

Once you've entered the appropriate values, click on the connect button to connect your server and database.

Version 2 build 200, March 04, 2014
The initial release of the Inventory Monitor Pro for StoneEdge.


Highlights for this release

The Inventory Monitor Pro is an extensive update for the original Inventory Monitor Enterprise edition. The Pro edition has many new features which make monitoring your inventory stocking levels seamless and easy. The Pro edition like its predecessor can operate independently or provide data for use with Communiqué.

New features include:
1. Daily summary report of all alerts for the day.
2. Product Order report replaced with the Product Replenishment report.
3. More report options for more precise calculations
4. SKUs are now Group by Supplier
5. Lead Days are calculated based on actual P.O. history
6. Recommended QOH and Reorder Point is now available on the report.
7. Alert data is stored and accessible through Communiqué Pro.
8. SKU filter tab to monitor specific SKUs

Enhanced Features:
1. Track inventory stocking levels
2. Track Days out of Stock (DOOS)
3. Email notifications sent when QOH goes to 0 or Reorder Points are triggered.

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