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communiqué pro webinars

Inventory Tracking with the Inventory Monitor Webinar 1

May 12, 2015

Inventory Tracking with the Inventory Monitor Webinar 2

 May 14, 2015

This webinar provides an opportunity to learn about the new Inventory Tracking feature with the Inventory Monitor, and how it can help with tracking fluctuations with your inventory and QOH drift. 

With the new tracking feature, you can finally have accurate Inventory as of quantities, as of dates, and valuations for any given day.

Communique features a new companion report the “Inventory Tracking Analyzer” located in the Reconciliation & Utilities -> Inventory Monitor section which provides tremendous insight into your daily inventory fluctuations and transactions affecting your QOH.

Inventory data and associated transactions are recorded nightly for each SKU so you can maintain historical data about each SKU for each day.  This new capability can help you resolve many of the challenges you face with your inventory.

Rox Brown from Consulting4qb.com will join us to discuss some of the accounting aspects of Inventory Tracking and how this new feature can help you resolve some common issues with your inventory.

What's New & How-to Webinar for Communiqué Pro Phase 2

 May 28, 2014

This webinar provides an opportunity to see what is new with Communiqué Pro Phase 2 Build 620 scheduled for release on May 28, 2014.

Featured highlights for this release
1. Period Selectors have been added to speed up report generation
2. Period Selectors help target specific date ranges
3. Average Quantities and Sales have been added for more granularity
4. Percent of Total has been added for more granularity
5. The "Show Column Headers" option added with requisite labeling
6. The Export Data menu option has been added for easy export of data
7. 5 new Returns Data Analyzers added for better analysis of returns data
8. Data and Chart View options added for improved data visualizations
9. "Use Quantity Ordered" option toggle has been added
10. "Adjust for Returns" option toggle has been added
11. Plus much more…

FIFO Reconciliation with Communiqué & StoneEdge

 April 11, 2014

In response to issues related to discrepancies between your FIFO and Inventory tables and the QOH and Cost drift experienced by many StoneEdge merchants, we have created a FIFO Reconciliation utility which helps to resolved these issues. This new utility makes easy work of the time consuming process of maintaining and synching your inventory and FIFO data. It is no longer necessary to re-initialize your FIFO with this utility and you will still be able to retain accurate cost data.

Communiqué Pro - NexGen Enterprise Reporting Webinar 1

 March 18, 2014


Communiqué Pro - NexGen Enterprise Reporting Webinar 2

 March 25, 2014

This webinar provides an opportunity to preview Communiqué Pro scheduled for release on March 20, 2014.  Communiqué Pro is the next generation report tool for the enterprise.  This is a must have upgrade for StoneEdge enterprise merchants.

1. Enterprise Architecture:  Communicates directly with the SQL Server
2. Touch for Tablets and Windows 8 support
3. Role Based Security to protect sensitive data and unauthorized access
4. Home Page at startup to quickly access user related tasks
5. Dashboard enhancements with many new and improved features
6. CRM has been added for more sophisticated marketing and segmentation
7. Calendaring for scheduling events, alerts, follow-ups, etc.
8. Product Replenishment is the most sophisticated replenishment report yet
9. Inventory Monitor Pro Integration with real time alert windows
10. Amazon, Credit Cards, and PayPal modules offer greater ease of use and functionality
11. FedEx and UPS Shipping Cost Utilities will be fully integrated with Communiqué Pro
12. Plus much more…

We’ll be discussing and sharing information about enterprise reporting and other issues vital to your business.

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