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communiqué pro highlights

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture:  Communiqué Pro bypasses all of the StoneEdge local data connections (MS Access/ODBC) and communicates directly with the MS SQL Server directly using a low level database driver for much faster performance, reliability, and stability.  The performance increases are truly amazing.

Touch for Tablets and Windows 8

Enhancements have been made to Communiqué Pro to support and touch based devices using Windows 8 (and 7).  Buttons and tabs are larger to support gestures.  Screen layouts are improved and optimized for ease of use with tablets.

Role Based Security

Accounts can be created and the administrator can limit a user’s access to features, reports, data analyzers, utilities, reconciliation tools, etc.

Home Page

 A home page has been added and it’s the first screen presented to users.  Regardless of permissions all user have this screen so they can perform all user permitted tasks.


New dashboards have been added to support additional metrics analysis like Buyers, Dailies, Drop Ships, Product Flow, Ship Flow, etc.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM has been added to Communiqué Pro.  This CRM allows you to slice and dice customer for data marketing, segmentation, customer service, etc. purposes.  Orders, Lists, and User Defined Fields (UDF) features are included as well.


Communiqué Pro features an extensive Outlook 2010 calendar.  Events, alerts, appointments, follow-ups, etc. can now be scheduled ad hoc, for customers or orders. 

Product Replenishment Data Analyzer

This is the newest most sophisticated replenishment report released.  Greater accuracy and flexibility in determining recommended ordering, quantity to keep on hand, reorder point, etc.

Inventory Monitor Pro Integration

This release features greater integrator with the Inventory Monitor Pro.  Communiqué Pro also features real-time alerts for “Out of Stock” and “Reorder Point” alerts as they occur.

Product Re-pricer Utility

This utility allows merchants to re-price their inventory.  This utility is particularly useful when importing new supplier cost files and data.

QOH and FIFO Audit Utility

This utility can help merchants inventory and cycle count their warehouse with ease and accuracy. Using this utility you can easily synchronize StoneEdge’s QOH with actual warehouse audits.

Reorder Point Calculator

This utility will help merchants to accurate calculate the reorder points for each product in their inventory.  This utility also supports the Inventory Monitor Pro’s reorder point alerts.

Reconciliation Tools

The Amazon, Credit Cards, and PayPal reconciliation modules have been revamped and extended for greater ease of use and greater functionality.  The Amazon reconciliation is available for the first release of Communiqué Pro.  The Credit Cards and PayPal will be available for the second release.

FedEx and UPS Shipping Cost Utilities
These utilities will be integrated into Communiqué Pro and no longer a standalone utility,  These utilities will be included free and available for the second release,
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