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FedEx shipping cost utility


Everyone knows the original estimated charge in Order Manager is more often not the same as the actual charges you receive from FedEx once the package is delivered.  Between the fuel surcharge, residential delivery charge, address correction charge, actual vs. rated weight price adjustments, etc., your final charge can be significantly different than the estimated charge in Order Manager.   

The FedEx Shipping Cost Utility automates the process of updating your actual shipping charges with your tracking table in Order Manager.

This utility will provides the following benefits:

  1. Reads the data in your FedEx data file and puts it into a easy to understand report.  The report is automatically generated in PDF format so you can print or review the data anytime.

  2. Updates the estimated costs in the OM's tracking table with the actual charges from FedEx.

  3. Updates the package's weight data to the Tracking table.

  4. Optionally generate a report only to review the data before posting to your database.

  5. Use the update options to control which tracking numbers are updated.

At present there is no automated way to update Order Manager with the actual charges from FedEx unless you are willing to spend countless hours manually entering in this data.  Our FedEx Shipping Cost Utility is the answer to this problem.

You can not get a true net profit or cost of goods sold with out having accurate shipping costs in your Order Manager database.

You can contact sales for more info about this utility.



Sample Report in PDF format




the trial version


The trial version of the FedEx Shipping Cost Utility is fully functional and will generate a report for each FedEx data file it processes.  The only limitation with the trial is it will not post any data to your Order Manager database and you are limited to the first page of the report.  Only the registered production version will be able to post data to your Order Manager database and output all of the pages of the report.


Custom Utility programming


We are a full service software development company.  We can create any sort of utility you need to help with data clean up, automating tasks, unattended processing, client or server side automation, etc.  If you are in need of these services, please contact us.  We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a solution.


installation & quick start

  Installing the FedEx Shipping Cost Utility

The installation for the FedEx Shipping Cost Utility is quite simple and straight forward.  You can press the Cancel button anytime to abort installing it on your computer.  The following steps will guide you through the installation:

  • Download the installation file FEXSESetup.exe* from our website.

  • Navigate to the folder where you saved the downloaded FEXSESetup.exe* file and run it.

  • When the setup program is displayed you may begin installing the utility.

  • While at the welcome screen, click the Next button to process with the installation

  • While at the license agreement screen, read the license agreement.  Accept the license and then press the Next button, or decline the license agreement and press the Cancel button.

  • While at the Start Menu Folder, you can accept the default menu folder name, or change it to whatever you like.  When you are done, press the Next button to continue with the installation.

  • When you arrive at the Select Additional Tasks screen, you can choose to have a desktop icon/short cut placed on your desktop for easy access to the utility.  You can also choose to create a Quick Launch icon for the Quick Launch toolbar.

  • The Ready to Install screen displays the previous choices you've made.  Click on the install button to install the utility.

  • When the installation is complete a finish button will be displayed.  Click on the finish button to finish installing the utility.

Now that you have finished installing the FedEx Shipping Cost Utility on your computer, it is ready for you to run.  If you choose to have a desktop icon placed on your desktop, or a quick start icon placed on your quick start toolbar then you can click on either one to start the utility.  If you did not choose those options then you will need to go to the start menu button for Windows XP or Windows Vista and find the program group and start the utility from there.

  Getting Started with the FedEx Shipping Cost Utility
Selecting the Database

When first started, the FedEx Shipping Cost Utility will automatically select the last database/store used in Order Manager so the database and company edit boxes should already be filled in.  If there is a problem with locating the last opened OM database/store then these edit boxes will be blank.  If you need to locate your database/store or prefer to use a different database/store then do the following:

  1. Select the edit button located in the database edit box.

  2. Navigate to the desired database/store and select it.

  3. The database and company edit boxes should now be filled in with the correct database/store.

Report and Data Options

Report Options:  Choose to generate a report only.  This will give you an opportunity to review the report before any updates are made to your database.

Update Data Options:  The "Update All" option will update all matching tracking number in your database with the actual charge in the FedEx data file.  The "0 or Missing Only" option will only update the actual charges from the FedEx data file if the shipping cost in your database is either 0 or there is no value at all.  It will not update any tracking records which do not meet this criteria.

Weight Options: The "Update Weight Data" option determines if the weight data in your FedEx data file is also updated to your database.  If you choose to update weight data then you can choose to use either the actual or rated weight of the package.

FedEx data and Report Files

Select the desired FedEx data file:

  1. Select the edit button located in the FedEx Data File edit box.

  2. Navigate to the desired FedEx data file and select it.

  3. The FedEx data file edit box should now be filled in with the data file name and path.  Additionally, the Report File edit box will automatically be filled in with the name and path for the report.  The name and path will be identical to the FedEx data file except the report file will have a *.pdf extension.  The report will be saved to the same directory where the FedEx data file resides.

Updating the Shipping Cost Data to Order Manager

Once you've selected all of the options, the Update button will be enabled. To start the update process, click on the Update button.  When the process is complete, click on the Done button to close the utility.  If you need to process more than 1 file, select another FedEx data file, and reselect your options if necessary.  If you do not wish to process a the data file then press the cancel button.  Once the process has begun, you will have to wait until it's complete.

The FedEx Shipping Costs Report

The report will be saved as an Adobe Acrobat file (*.pdf) so you will need Adobe Acrobat in order to view the report.  You can take a look at the sample  to see the report.

The report divided into 2 sections:

  1. Shipments:  This section will list all of the FedEx shipments processed from the data file you selected.  The shipments with the Diff column highlighted in red are shipments whose actual charge are higher than the estimated cost found in your database.  Those in green mean the  actual charge is less than the estimated charge in your database.  Those in black mean the estimated and actual charges are the same.

  2. Missing Orders:  Shipments found in this section of the report can mean 1 of 2 things.  You have a data entry problem with your database and the tracking number was not found, or you've been charged for a shipment that is not yours (a FedEx mistake or someone is using your account).


You can contact sales for more info about this utility or tech support for any technical assistance.

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