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sneak peak the next version

Communiqué is a work in progress.  We are always striving to improve it and make it better.  From time to time we will release a new version with new  functionality, features, enhancements, and standard reports.  The sneak peak items listed below are more like a wish list, and will give you an idea of some of the more interesting things we are working on to be potentially included in a future version of Communiqué. 


The sneak peak items are not guarantees of any functionality, feature, enhancement, etc scheduled for the next release of Communiqué.  You will need to review the "What's New" for each release in order to determine new functionality, features, enhancements and new standard reports for the particular release. 


User feedback is important to us.  if you feel strongly about a particular feature, enhancement, or new standard report, you may contact us and let us know.  Depending on the volume of feedback we receive for any particular feature, enhancement, or standard report, we may move up the item to an earlier release and push back others items that are less important. 



coming soon!

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