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frequently asked questions


As you can imagine, with a very popular tool like Communiqué, we get allot of frequently asked questions.  We created this FAQ section to help answer some of the more common questions.  If your question is not listed here or you need additional information, please feel free to contact us.  We are glad to answer any and all questions.


Some of the more FAQ:


How many standard reports are included with Communiqué?


There are currently 120 standard reports included with Communiqué.  Within one year from the official release date of Communiqué, we plan to add between 40 to 80 new standard reports (with feedback from our user community of course).  Software Assurance customers will get these free as they are made available through our regular release cycle.  Those customers without Software Assurance will need to purchase the upgrade in order to get the additional standard reports.



Is there an enterprise version for SQL Server?


At the moment, Communiqué only supports the standard version of Stone Edge's Order Manager.  The enterprise version will be officially released on April 21st, 2009 with pre-orders beginning April 9th, 2009.



Do you customize reports?


The short answer is yes we do.  We will gladly create custom reports for you.  Communiqué even has a custom reports section just for this purpose.  There is no job too big or too small for us to consider.  All you need to do is provide us with the specifications to the report (let us know what data you want to display, etc.), and we will provide you with a quote for the job and an estimated completion date.  If you are not sure what you want, contact us and we will set up a conference call to discuss your requirements.  We will even make modifications to existing reports and customize it to satisfy your business needs.



Do I need a copy of Order Manager installed on my computer in order to use Communiqué?


No.  Communiqué does not use nor does it rely on Order Manager in any way except for your store's database.  As long as you have access to the database, you can print reports from Communiqué.  You will need to check with Stone Edge concerning licensing requirements to use their software. 



Is Software Assurance (SA) required or necessary? 


No it's not, but there are some important benefits with software assurance.  With SA you will get all of the latest enhancements and newest features of  Communiqué as soon as they are released.  You will also get all of the new standard reports added to Communiqué.  All of this is included with the SA at no extra charge.  If you opt out of the SA, you will need to purchase the upgrade in order to receive the latest features, enhancements, and standard reports.   



How long am I covered by Software Assurance?


Software Assurance (SA) lasts 1 year from date of purchase.  It's an annual agreement and will need to be renewed each year.  During the SA term, you are entitled to all official releases of Communiqué.  All new features, enhancements, and standard reports will be made available to you at not extra charge. 



I ordered Communiqué, but forgot to add Software Assurance.  Can I still purchase it?


Yes you can, but you only have 30 days from the date you purchased Communiqué to do so.  After the 30 day period, you will need to purchase an upgrade to Communiqué, and then you can purchase software assurance (SA) for Communiqué. 



I did not buy Software Assurance.  Will I still get updates to fix glitches and defects?


Yes, of course you will.  We will release updates, patches, hot fixes, etc. as necessary.  Usually an updated version of Communiqué with the latest fixes and patches will be available for download during our regular release cycle (New features, enhancements, and newly added standard reports are excluded from the non software assurance release).  



Will Communiqué run on Windows 2000, ME, or 9x?


Communiqué has been developed specifically for Windows XP and Vista and tested extensively with those operating systems.  We make no guarantees about compatibilities with older operating systems.  Having said that, essentially, if you can run Order Manager, you should be able to run Communiqué.  Communiqué has a very sophisticated user interface and some of those interface elements may not render properly with older Windows operating systems.  This will not affect the reports, however, as they should still print correctly.



The reports print fine with my HP printer, but does not print correctly with my Canon printer.  Why?



You probably need an updated printer driver.  The windows print driver for your printer is what controls how your printer prints documents and reports.  When you have problems like this, it generally means there is a glitch or defect with the driver.  An updated driver from the printer manufacturer normally will take care of problems like this.



What is a site license for Communiqué and what is the benefit to such a license?


An Individual License allows you install a single copy of Communiqué.  Normally you have to purchase additional licenses if you want to install Communiqué on additional computers.  A site license offers you a way to install Communiqué on any or all computers in your office without having to buy individual licenses.  If you plan on installing Communiqué on 2 or more computers then you may want to consider this type of licensing.



Can I upgrade to a site license and how much does it cost?


Yes you can.  When you upgrade to a site license, we charge you the difference between what you paid and the cost for the site license.  Please check the Products and Price List for the latest pricing for Communiqué.



I have a site License.  Do I need to install Communiqué on each computer?


No you do not.  Communiqué is designed with multi-user and site licenses in mind so it can be installed once on a server.  Each user can run Communiqué from a network drive so you can install it once and run it on any computer having access to the network drive.  User settings are saved on each local computer in the user's profile so each user can set and maintain their preferences.  You may want to create a short cut on your desktop, or quick launch tool bar for easier access to Communiqué from the network drive.



There are 2 people sharing the same computer.  How does this affect my user settings for Communiqué?


Communiqué stores the user settings file in each users profile directory in a folder named "Communiqué."  Since each user has a separate user settings file, each user settings are saved intact and restored each time Communiqué is run.  There is an exception to this, however, if 2 users share the same login credentials for the same computer then they also share the same user settings file.  If you share the same user settings, it may not be as you left it especially if another user makes changes.  To avoid this problem, you should use your own login credentials so your user settings for Communiqué are as you left them. 

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