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Read what customers are saying about Communiqué in their own words: 


Hi everyone, we have been using the Altaireon report system for a

few weeks now and it has been outstanding. It is a snap to install and the reports generate very quickly.

I had a meeting last week with our post master and needed to pull up some sales information (sales by supplier). I had this info available to me in a couple of seconds with this report program. It was actually pretty impressive not to have to weed through a bunch of irrelevant data to get what we needed.

We had originally contracted Altaireon to make a suggested order report for us that allows me to pull all sales for a specific supplier over a set period of time then the report runs a calculation to suggest an order quantity. This report literally saves me a few hours a week from what we had before. We also use the pick list twice a day in the warehouse.

I would highly recommend this program to my fellow OM users.


Jack Sanders

Vettehead Products




This is a great software package. The installation took about 2 minutes with ZERO configuration needed. We are very happy with Stone Edge, but always have been disappointed by the lack of reporting options (we are non-technical and unable to create our own custom reports in Access). The Altaireon software has tons of built in reports that you can easily tweak to get needed data. Good job!


Chris Moleskie

Wetsuit Wearhouse




Thank you

I love it so far, super easy install and interface!



Brad Williams

Nova Companies




We are extremely impressed with Communiqué report product. Stone Edge has always been weak on reports, and the reports that are there run very slowly. Communiqué has an incredible range of reports, and they all run VERY quickly, even reports spanning an entire year or multiple years.

Communiqué has quickly given us insight into our customers, suppliers, top sellers by profit...a wide range of important metrics that we have only been able to extract after hours of manual process in the past.

John Crighton

Lighthound, Inc.



Well this is the missing part of Stone Edge that we are waiting for. Stone Edge is great for daily operation like fulfilling orders, but it lack the next level of enterprise software capability. Customers like us who humbly start from garage and grow to midsize business need more advanced tool to plan for our business growth. It is very hard for Stone Edge user to perform data mining if you don't know MS Access. This is the perfect software to help you run your business not just in operation but in planning and overall level.

Dave Chai

OSD Audio








Alright, I've purchased and have been using Communiqué for two weeks. I have to say, I'm very pleased with this piece of software. It is extremely easy to use and I get all of the reports that I want without the need to write custom reports (which I have no knowledge of anyways).


As for support. I have to say they are just as good as StoneEdge. Which is saying a lot (good). I had an issue with one of the reports and It was taken care of the next day and was corrected in the next release a week after the initial launch.


I am very pleased with this company and software. I just wanted to give my review for people that might be considering Communiqué.


Ron Lawson

Triathlete Sports




Our company was looking for easy to integrate reporting for SEOM. There were some other options on the market but they were very expensive and were integrated into SEOM. We wanted a program that was easy to install, easy to use, and provided a bundle of reports. Communiqué did all of this! All of my employees are now able to use Communiqué while using SEOM. No need to close the window to look up a report anymore! The crew at Communiqué is quick to answer questions and are very responsive in their forums. I look forward to the future updates and added reports…Great job!

Danger Den



Your software kicks butt!!!

Awesome tool and the interface is absolutely great and the biggest surprise of all for us that are used to the "lack of speed" of Stone Edge, the Communiqué is a long time waited, welcome fast solution. The way it filters and displays results is so much better than Stone Edge that we will never use SE's reports again. For the price of 3 custom reports you get much more than that not only in the quantity but the filtering capacity, the interface and the fact that it's a stand alone solution that doesn't need Stone Edge makes Communiqué just the best investment in software we have made since 5 years ago when we first got SE for our Yahoo Stores.

I just feel very lucky I came across your website and found this marvelous tool! We now can manage inventory for real! Thank you!!

Flavio Teixeira
FMA Solutions, Inc.


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