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Amazon settlement reports



We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Amazon Settlement Reports (ASR) add-on for Communiqué release 7. 

This add-on will save you countless hours of manually reconciling your Amazon settlement file, verifying orders in Order Manager, etc.  Some of the features and benefits are as follows:

  1. Reconcile Amazon transactions with orders in Order Manager.

  2. Quickly and easily identify Amazon transactions which do not balance with Order Manager orders.

  3. Locate Amazon order and fee discrepancies.

  4. Determine a true net profit and margin for each sale using the Amazon Order Summary report.

  5. Match Order Manager orders with Amazon settlements to ensure you are getting paid for each orders as you should using the Amazon Order Reconciliation report.

  6. Plus many more features...

If you would like to schedule a no obligation remote demo, contact us and we'll put you on the calendar. 





Amazon settlement files


Periodically Amazon will post a settlement data file to your merchant account detailing all of the sales, fees, adjustments, etc. for the selling period specified.  If you ever took a look at this file, you know it's no trivial task trying to figure what you sold, the fees paid for each SKU sold, the associated fees for each order taken, and the other fees associated for each settlement processed. 

On top of all this, you have a daunting and time consuming task reconciling your Amazon settlement with your Order Manager orders.  If you do not reconcile and verify your settlements, you could be loosing money and not even know it.

The Amazon Settlement Reports (ASR) add-on for Communiqué automates the entire reconciliation process for your settlement data files.  You no longer have to spend countless hours finding discrepancies, matching Amazon orders to Order Manager orders, verifying payments for orders taken, etc. 

ASR handles this for you in a seamless integrated and easy to use reporting module.  The reports are detailed, yet easy to use and understand.  After using ASR a few times, you'll be wonder how you were ever able to reconcile your Amazon settlements without ASR.  What use to take you hours to do, now can be done in matter of minutes. 

The ASR will show you variances  between Amazon and Order Manager so you will be able to investigate the issue and resolve it quickly.  You will be able to identify discrepancies between sales numbers reported by Amazon and Order Manager so you can determine the cause and resolve them in a timely manner.

The ASR will lighten your work load dramatically and eliminate unnecessary labor to reconcile your Amazon settlements data files.  ASR frees up valuable time from your work day so you may attend to other equally important aspects of your business operations.     


Amazon settlement reports

The Amazon Settlement Report (ASR) add-on for Communiqué comes with 8 reports (more on the way).  These reports are grouped into 2 sections: Amazon Settlement and Order Manager reports.

Amazon Settlement

  1. Order Details:  The Order Details report lists all of the details associated with each Amazon order in a settlement.  You will be able to see each item sold in each order and the associated revenues and fees for each.

  2. Order Listing:  The Order Listing report lists each order in a settlement file.  You will be able to view each order and the associated revenues and fees for each.

  3. Settlement Listing:  The Settlement Listing report will list all settlements imported into the ASR.  This way you will know if any settlement files are missing.

  4. Settlement Summary:  The Settlement Summary report displays the entire settlement in a single easy to understand report.  All of the orders, adjustments, other fees and charges, and settlement summary information are included in the report for you to review.

Order Manager:

  1. Order Summary:  The Order Summary report provides you with a true net profit for each Amazon sale reported in the settlement.  Using the net deposit reported by Amazon along with the item and shipping costs in Order Manager, you will be able to see your true net profit for each sale.  The report also displays a grand total for the report so you will be able to see the true profit for each settlement as well.

  2. SKU Summary:  The SKU Summary reports is like the Order Summary report except it will show you the true net profit for each SKU sold for each order.  Order related fees are not included in the calculation so you get a better idea of the profitability for each SKU sold.

  3. Order Reconciliation:  The Order Reconciliation report will match Order Manger orders to Amazon Settlements.  Orders missing a settlement will be highlighted in red for easy identification.  Sales numbers in Order Manager will be compared to the Amazon settlement numbers and highlighted in red as well if there are any discrepancies between the two.

  4. Order Variance: The Order Variance report matches each Amazon order with the corresponding Order Manager order.  This report checks the amounts reported by Amazon in the settlement with the amounts imported by Order Manager.  Variances between the two are highlighted in red for quick and easy identification. 

Sample Order Summary Report in PDF format

A sample report showing the true net profit for each sale and the settlement grand totals showing the true net profit for the settlement.

Sample Order Reconciliation Report 1 in PDF format

A sample report showing a discrepancy between the sales numbers between Order Manager and Amazon.  This particular example highlights in red a discrepancy between the fees recorded in Order Manager when the sale was imported and the fees charged by Amazon for the order when the settlement was made.

Sample Order Reconciliation Report 2 in PDF format

A sample report showing order discrepancies between Order Manager and Amazon.  The discrepancies are highlighted in red for quick and easy identification.  The report shows orders in Order Manager, but no corresponding settlement by Amazon.  Order # 55715 needs to be investigated to determine why you have an approved order with zero sales numbers.  Order # 55875 is a cancelled order so you will not see a settlement from Amazon because the order was cancelled prior to shipment.  refunded orders show up as an adjustment to your settlement file since you've already been paid on the sale so those will be reported differently.

Sample Order Variance Report in PDF format

A sample report showing order variances between Order Manager and Amazon.  The variances are highlighted in red for quick and easy identification.  Order # 58859 shows a settlement from Amazon for the amount of $95.89, but the corresponding order in Order Manager does not match the Amazon settlement amount.  You would need to investigate this order to determine why there is a variance between Order Manager and Amazon.


what's included with your purchase

  • Installation & Setup:  We will install, setup, and configure the ASR on your computer or server depending on your Communiqué license.
  • Training:  A 1 hour training session is provided at no charge .  The training covers all of the things you need to know and do with the ASR so you can reconcile your Amazon settlements with Order Manager.  We will help you import your settlement files and show you how to run various reports.  We will also help analyze those reports so you will understand more about your Amazon settlement and Order Manager orders.
  • Tech Support:  Tech support is provided free of charge.  You are welcome to join our user forum at http://www.altaireon.net/forum/, or contact us directly at techsupport@altaireon.com for help with the ASR. 
  • Maintenance:  Maintenance releases for the ASR are provided at no extra charge.
  • New Reports: Any new reports added to the ASR are available to you at no extra charge for 1 year from date of purchase.
  • New Features and Functionality:  Any new feature or functionality added to the ASR is available to you at no extra charge for 1 year from date of purchase. 
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